Abdominal Sacral Colpopexy

The Abdominal Sacral Colpopexy (ASC) is the gold standard prolapse repair surgery against which all other procedures should be compaired.  The procedure is performed by attaching a synthetic mesh material to the vaginal apex (deepest part of the vagina) and suspending it to the sacrum (end of the backbone).  


Dr. Vardy is trained to perform the procedure abdominally, laproscopically and using robotics (the DeVinci robot).  He published a series of 48 cases in 1999 with Dr. Richard Scotti, one of the earliest proponents of this procedure.  Although there have been very few well designed studies looking at sexual function, the ASC is widely viewed as the procedure least likely to adversely effect a patients sex life.   All pelvic surgery carries a risk of resulting in pain with sex.  Until adequate studies are performed to answer the question of which procedure are least likely to cause pain with sex, we are left with only clinical opinion based on clinical experience to help answer question of which surgical procedure to select.